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SDA Joinery is an established wooden window and door manufacturer operating from Cape Town.
The company manufacturers a standard range of meranti windows, doorframes and doors in 3 ranges:

Vantage, Supreme and Prestige.

However we can custom make any size and format and in any available timber species. Unique bay windows,
corner windows, sidelights, pivot doors, louvre shutters, arched door frames to name but a few examples.


Our products are produced from only the finest Meranti timber available, and are 100% suited to our
climatic and economic conditions. All meranti joinery is supplied pre-sealed with a linseed oil based sealer
to protect uring installation. The harmonising catalyst within the sealer helps to produce an even colour match
within the product.

Joinery Warranty

We warrant the product to be of good quality workmanship, materials and free from defects. Subject to our Terms
and Conditions of Sale, we agree to replace at our option, unfinished and without charge, but excluding any re-glazing,
re-hanging and re-building-in and strictly for supply only, any windows or doors found to be defective within the meaning
of this warranty. All products are guaranteed for a minimum period of 5 years.

Terms & Conditions of Sale

Natural variations of colour and texture of the wood are not to be considered defects. Minor shrinking and swelling of
components, particularly raised panels, is a normal characteristic of wood, which varies with seasonal humidity
conditions and is not to be considered a defect. SDA Joinery will not be held liable for any damage, loss or injury
caused due to any defect or design fault. Sizes and construction details subject to changes without notice.

 A leading supplier of wooden doors and frames  
Ph: 021 386 7105