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These doors are suitable for dry, interior use only.
At SDA we keep a large stock of the most popular internal flush panel doors.
Typically the doors are 813mm wide by 2032mm high.
The doors are available in hollowcore, semi-solid or solid-core construction.
Most internal doors for painting are manufactured with a hardboard / masonite facings.

Veneers for varnishing are typically fnished with a sapele veneer.

We can, however, manufacture a door on request up to 1200mm wide by 2700mm high with any exotic veneer finish suject to availability. Popular veneers are maple, cherrywood and beech, to name a few.

(click for enlargement)

Hollow Core / Light Duty
Semi-Solid / Medium Duty
Solid / Heavy Duty


Hardboard / Masonite
Commercial Veneer
Sapele Veneer


Cape Dutch
Town House

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